"I was a year-round athlete, moving from one sport to the next, season to season, probably from fifth grade, through playing Division 1 softball for four years of college.  It’s been almost 15 years since then, and I’m now probably in the best shape of my life.  I’ve trained with Rick for the past three years, starting with kettlebell class, and then adding in 1:1 personal training.  I honestly feel training with the kettlebell is the best all-around workout I’ve ever experienced. And Rick is extremely knowledgeable, dedicated, and invested in the progress of his clients."
  - Cory
Port Washington, NY

"I’ve been training with Rick for almost 3 years now, and I have yet to find another instructor and workout that can match the dedication to physical and emotional health that he demonstrates through kettlebell training. Rick takes the time to engage all of his clients before, during and after each workout, and goes so far as to support our physical fitness outside of group classes. Whether you’re training to run a marathon, wanting to explore a new avenue of exercise or just want to stay moving, Rick will stand by you and coach you through every step of it. He always advertises his ultimate goal as being an instructor who teaches you how to stay active and healthy for the rest of your life, without needing to continue working with a trainer. From joint mobility, to kettlebell, to club training and core strength to name a few, Rick instills knowledge and consequently confidence into his clients to push themselves in a safe and effective manner. The outward physical results are undeniable and the inner changes are just as transformative."
- J
Great Neck, NY

  "Great Guy, Great Instructor The best I have had since forever. Rick really knows his stuff..... Very respectful."
- Janet

"I have been a dance, Pilates and yoga instructor for over 30 years. I have trained staff , worked as faculty and written curriculum, offered personal training and group sessions for New York Sports Club, Equinox private studios and my own studio.  As a seasoned fitness professional I expect a high level of training and education. Rick’s training program does not disappoint.  It is comprehensive and presented in an intelligent organized manner. What prompted me to take Rick’s classes was the versatility of the workout. I knew it would be a great strength training enhancement to the work I was doing on my own body and also hoped it might enhance my training skills. I had some concerns that the weight apparatus might be an issue for my hyper-mobile joints. My concerns have fallen away quickly as I experience how well the workout has been presented.  With every group class I am more impressed with my fitness results. Rick is so knowledgeable and articulate in his instruction that I occasionally find myself using his cueing when I train clients. My favorite feature of Rick’s kettlebell class is its versatility offering functional and balance training along with the building of better movement patterns. I would highly recommend Rick and his training program and  workout to all fitness facilities, personal trainers and group exercise instructors."
- Patty Maraldo
Island Park, NY

"AWSOME TRAINER!!! I’ve learned so much from him, as a trainer. He is a great resource, extremely knowledgable in many different areas. Thx, Rick!"
- Paula
Rockville Centre/Long Beach NY

"After training with Rick for about a year, I have gained muscle, lost inches, and overall, I feel good. Rick’s personality is supportive and positive. This creates an incredible vibe which helps you feel comfortable and motivated to push yourself really hard throughout the class. The workouts are intense but you can always work at your own level to build your strength and stamina. Once you try it, you’ll be hooked!"
- Courtney
Lynbrook, NY

"I’ve been training in Kettlebells with Rick off & on for about two years now. I LUV’s me some Rick Carranza, & here’s why: No workout is ever the same with Rick, so you can’t get bored & your body doesn’t acclimate to the same old routine. He is incredibly knowledgeable & able to modify exercises for health concerns if needed. He provides expert coaching to perfect your form & get the most from your workout. He challenges you to push your body to its limits. I have tried other Kettlebells instructors but Rick is my standard & no one else compares. In addition, he has good music, a great sense of humor, & is very personable. The hour flies by so quickly! I highly recommend his class!"
- Trish

"I have been training with Rick for about one year. I find his classes to be motivating & energetic. He is an exception trainer with a calming personality. I find him to be genuine and will take the time to work with you one on one.  The other students are extremely nice as well."  
- Mike

"The benefits, increased flexibility, drills and dynamic warmup was great. Overall experience, terrific."
- John McDaid
Garden City, New York

"With proper technique and not a lot of weight, a person can achieve a high level of fitness. This can be performed anywhere without many problems. I learned a new way to better fitness: hard work, proper technique = good fitness."
- Kevin P. Carroll
Islip, New York

"This was my first time working wth kettlebells. I received a lot of great information and I look forward to implementing it with my athletes."
- Dan Feeney
Merrick, New York

"The kettlebell workshop was great. I really enjoyed learning all the new techniques. I would like to continue training with kettlebells and plan to do so on a regular basis. I would also like to further my knowledge of kettlebell training in the future. We look forward to having you demonstrate for our wrestling team this upcoming season! Thanks guys!"
- Scott Cole
Garden City, New York

"This overall experience will add to both our physical education program and athletic program. I know our students will really be excited to work with this kettlebell program. Great stuff. Thanks for all your time and understanding."
- Coach George Dugo, Chaminade High School
Mineola, New York

"Great Experince. Instructors were dynamic and have a vast knowledge on the advantages of kettlebells."
- Michael Dolee
Williston Park, New York

"I was skeptical before the [kettlebell] class. Converted after. Great presentation. Loved the class."
- Dan Dillon
Mineola, New York

"My experience training with Joe Carranza has been nothing less than fantastic! He is a great teacher, with the patience of a saint! My coordination and strength has improved by leaps and bounds in only four months. I feel more confident and stronger mentally and physically each day. Thank you for always keeping me motivated to be my personal best!"
- Jeanne Fleckner
Manhasset, New York