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hands-on, practical training methods by top instructors
for improved human performance & reduced injury

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Bring the benefits of kettlebell training to your clients

Working with the kettlebell is an intense training system.
This training improves:
   • Cardio
   • Flexibility
   • Body mechanics
   • Proprioception
   • Raw power
   • Strength
   • Muscle endurance
   • Hypertrophy
and a host of other fitness attributes.

This work challenges mental fortitude, stability, core mobility, accessory control, agility, and overall well-being.

Our program addresses the fundamentals of kettlebell training:
   • Proper Technique
   • Correct Body Mechanics
   • Exercises with Precision
   • The Rudiments of Momentum, Timing & Accuracy
   • What to Do and What Not To Do

All program work is done with maximum safety and efficiency in mind.

Learn how to correctly implement kettlebell exercises into your existing programs:
   • Create kettlebell only training programs
   • Learn when to implement kettlebell training
   • Utilize Kettlebells for specific needs:
   • Rehab
   • Strength
   • Endurance
   • Power
   • Core stability
   • Fat burn & weight-loss
   • Proper progression and regression for individuals or client groups
   • Tweak and increase the level of the program

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Consulting For Trainers

As highly trained fitness professionals you can benefit by working with us to improve your skill set and further develop your personal training business. We offer hands-on, intense training methods with top instructors for improved human performance and reduced injury. We provide many levels of one-on-one and group sessions and are Kettlebell training experts. We are also available to assess your existing Kettlebell training classes. We provide Fitness Facilities with our assessment of how instructors are running courses and what can be done to improve the quality of Kettlebell classes.

Individual Training For Trainers

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Group Training For Trainers

Our sessions are offered on a periodic basis and are targeted to Fitness Professionals. This group training is offered so that we can get together, train, brainstorm, and hone our skills. Sessions are geared toward creativity and improving our delivery of the highest quality of service we can give to our clientele. Please join our mailing list to receive email notifications for upcoming dates.

Corporate Training For Trainers

We provide intense Kettlebell Training on a national level for large groups of Instructors employed by Corporate Fitness Facilities. We are highly trained and have the experience and skills to work with and challenge large groups of Fitness Professionals. We deliver powerful program work in your facility with maximum safety and efficiency. Working with us offers the certainty that corporate facility trainers are offering clients consistent, safe and cutting-edge methods across the board. Please contact us to discuss your corporate training needs.