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The fitness professionals at Cultivated Strength customize every program for each individual client. Each program is targeted to take an individual client from their current level of fitness toward appropriate achievement of his/her goals. Initially, our trainees look to achieve personal goals such as weight loss and muscle tone. In many cases, trainees progress beyond their initial goals and participate in events and competitions. We also help our clients understand healthy eating by personally guiding them with nutrition information that will provide optimum results.


Our specialty is Kettlebell Group Training. We are by far the leading group Kettlebell instructors in our industry. Sometimes trainees are more motivated by training in a group environment. Kettlebell group training is not an aerobics fitness class in the sense that there is no attention to detail. Often group classes are a lot of loud music and little attention is paid to detail; we do not teach our classes in this manner. Each trainee should know that they will walk away from our group classes with true technique. Our instructors can train any individual – from beginner, intermediate or advanced – all in the same group while maintaining safety, clear instruction and focus. Our instructors have keen eyes and the ability to command a room to wield the cast iron with fluidity, power and technique.


Different sports demand different stress, resistance, power, functional and recovery factors. We are well informed on effective training protocols to achieve success. We hone in on these specifics and create custom programs to enhance athletic functionality and performance. We believe recovery is a vital component often over looked, miscalculated and completely ignored. Our recovery program is detail oriented and created to reduce and rehabilitate injury.


Kettlebells, Clubbells, Battling Ropes, Sport Bells, Indian Clubs and the like are considered to be some non-traditional training tools and methods. The majority of people who go to the gym and train initially will not train with any of these tools. We, however, incorporate these non-traditional methods into our everyday fitness practices. Most gyms will have the Life Fitness, Nautilus®, Cybex® brand of equipment and machines and you can work out on the treadmill, step climber or the Elliptical. While traditional training has its place and benefits, non-traditional methods force your entire body to coordinate balance, power, and proper body mechanics to generate strength, force, and functional movement.


If you are an individual or small group who would like to train with Kettlebells, we can arrange private sessions for you. Kettlebell Classes are scheduled on a regular basis at various fitness facilities on Long Island. (see more)
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