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Group Kettlebell Classes

Our group training is a safe environment where the beginner and advanced trainee will be challenged to a very high degree. An Instructor overlooks and maintains control over the room, providing corrections, instructions and guidance to correct body mechanics throughout the 60-minute session. The attention you receive is similar to that of a one-on-one training session, at a fraction of the cost. Trainees benefit from a very versatile training system where the whole body is fully engaged at all times; This leads to effective results in cardio improvement, muscle toning and especially weight loss. The bell provides the optimum dosage of resistance training, while your Instructor provides numerous variations, progressions and combinations to keep your body stimulated and burning calories! Our main goal is to teach you how to handle and utilize the bell in the safest and most efficient way, so that you can even train yourself at home, beach or the gym. Contact us to try your first class complimentary.

(Fees vary based on location, membership and package discounts. Per sessions cost ranges from $18-30. Please contact individual location for registration details on single session and package pricing. Please check our calendar for dates and locations. View our affiliates page for links to locations)

Kettlebell Workshops

Group Kettlebell Workshops are scheduled periodically throughout the year. Contact us for more details. View our calendar for upcoming dates.
If you would like to schedule a private workshop for your academic organization or professional fitness facility, please contact us.


Level 1

You are all aware of the growing recognition and the overall powerful reputation that the kettlebell has been receiving. Demand is growing so fast, that people are picking up the bell in gyms, training their clients, teaching classes or ordering on-line material without having correct knowledge on how to use it.

Utilizing the bell correctly depends on where you get your knowledge and training. CARRANZA KETTLEBELLS provides you with expert Instructors with record proven results in personal training, group instruction and competition. Get your knowledge from an expert and learn the correct way.

Kettlebell Commandments is perfect for any person looking to learn the BASICS and get started in the Art of Kettlebell training: Trainers, Instructors, Teachers, Parents, Corporate Executives, Students and Workout Junkies can take advantage of this in-depth 2 day workshop to get them started THE RIGHT WAY.

Individual $499.00

Individual Early Registration Discount $399.00

*Group of 3 Discount rate $399/Person
*Please Read our Group Discount Rate Payment Policy ››

*Group of 3 Early Registration Discount $299/Person
*Please Read our Group Discount Rate Payment Policy ››

Level 2

Now that you've taken the first step and opened the door, you are ready to take your fundamentals to a higher level and reach a broader audience and/or progress your current trainees safely, effectively and efficiently.

Level 1 provided you with an eye opening experience into the complex theories and techniques that provide 100% results.

Level 2 will take you deeper into building combinations, complexes, and workout plans. All of this comes under our philosophy of: “SAFETY FIRST!”

Individual $599.00

Individual Early Registration Discount $499.00

*Group of 3 Discount rate $499/Person
*Please Read our Group Discount Rate Payment Policy ››

*3 or More Early Registration Discount $399/Person
*Please Read our Group Discount Rate Payment Policy ››

Registration for Both Levels 1 & 2, Discounted Fees

Individual Level 1 & 2 $898.00

Group of 3 Level 1 & 2 $698.00/Person

For registration for groups of more than 3 people, please contact us for discounted fees.
Registration for Level 1 & 2 for groups of 3 or more, please contact us for discounted fees.
Registration is none-refundable.

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