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Joe (Carranza), Rick (Carranza) and I have had many conversations about the amount of fitness periodicals and emails using kettlebells as props.  Fitness Magazine, Shape Magazine, Oxygen are just a few of the magazines which have caught our attention.

In many cases they are not used in the rest of the article or any other way in what is written.  In other circumstances the kettlebell was not even held properly or SAFELY. 

Is it just that people don’t know how to use them properly, how versatile they are, or why they have been around for hundreds of years?!!

If editors, writers, and in some cases even “celebrity” fitness professionals are going to bother to use them, find out what makes them so portable and versatile.  The information is out there and you need to know where to look.

Cultivated Strength is leading the way with expert, research backed information, on the use and safety of kettlebell training.  Contact us and find out.  Complimentary demos are always available.

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Upcoming Kettlebell Level 1 Certification Workshop

Level I Workshop
Saturday, April 20, 2013
9 am – 5 pm
Synergy, Syosset

Address: 10 Gordon Drive, Syosset, NY 11791
Telephone: 516-414-1418
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A Cultivated Strength Kettlebell Certification Workshop is perfect for any person looking to learn the BASICS and get started in The Art of Kettlebell Training:

  • Fitness Professionals
  • Instructors
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Students
  • Corporate Executives
  • Athletes

Fitness Enthusiasts – Take advantage of this
in-depth workshop to get started THE SAFE & CORRECT WAY.
Professionals – Ask us about CEU’s. 

Growing Recognition for Training with Kettlebells
You are all aware of the growing recognition and the overall powerful reputation that the kettlebell has been receiving. Demand is growing so fast, that people are picking up the bell in gyms, training their clients, teaching classes or ordering on-line material without having correct knowledge on how to use it.   Utilizing the bell correctly depends on where you get your knowledge and training. CULTIVATED STRENGTH provides you with expert Instructors with record proven results in personal training, group instruction and competition. Get your knowledge from an expert and learn the correct way. 

Instructors: Rick Carranza & Joe Carranza

Registration Fee: $499.00 

Additional $100 OFF for groups of 3 or more.

Click for more information and to REGISTER ONLINE NOW for the Cultivated Strength Level 1 Kettlebell Certification Workshop in Syosset, New York.


Order bells
You can order bells of your own to use during your certification weekend and to utilize everyday afterwards. Contact us for deposit and order information.


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Purchasing Kettlebells

Buy Kettlebells from Cultivated Strength

You can order bells of your own from us so you can utilize them in group classes, workshops, in training sessions and everyday afterwards. We will insure that you purchase the correct bell for your needs and safety. To purchase kettlebells, contact us for deposit and order information.



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