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Clubbell Yoga Date Set for October 17th and 18th

On October 17th and 18th Summer Huntington will be in Rockville Centre sharing the union and strength and asana.

Join us at RVC Yoga on Hempstead Ave from 9-6:30 for a unique training experience.  This certification has only been available on the west coast (in the United States) and many countries throughout the world.

Go to rmaxinternational.com and sign up before September 1st at a special rate. 



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Clubbell Training

Club Bells lulurick1 

Over the past year or so Rick began adding clubbell training to his kettlebell classes.  The response has been more than positive.  His trainees appreciate the addition of clubbells to their already challenging and well rounded classes.

Clubbells are a unique workout challenging your entire body while not allowing you to overgrip or control the club.

The question is- is it the club or the instruction!!!!!!!! 

If classes are not an option, contact us for workshops in clubbell training.  Individual, small and large groups are welcome.

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Kettlebell Class added at Sitan Muay Thai Studio

Rick has started a new kettlebell class at Sitan in East Meadow.  The owners were looking to add kettlebell training to supplement the training done by their students.  They know the benefit of training with kettlebells and knew Rick understood the Muay Thai training system.

Joint Mobility is a key training technique to enhance their training.  Once again this shows how joint mobility is key to all styles of training as well as the average athlete, elite athlete and all populations.

Their are 2 classes running, Tuesday 8:15pm and Friday 8:15pm.  The training includes kettlebells, joint mobility, and clubbells are added on occasion. 

You don’t have to be a student of the school to attend the classes. 

All classes are listed on our calendar.

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Clubbell Training Gives You A Great Workout

Clubbell training is an integrated full body workout that focuses on core muscles in a way that free-weights or machines cannot provide. Clubbell training added to cardio and resistance workouts will bring optimal results. Clubbell training increases upper body strength and performance and specifically targets shoulder girdle and rotator cuff. We can instruct you on how to use clubbells and how to properly introduce clubbells to your workout.Clubbell_Scott

We work closely with Scott Sonnon, USA coach, World Champion and Master of Sport in instructing Primal Movement, Body Flow, Tactical Fitness, Compensatory Yoga, Restorative Mobility and Clubbell Power. Tacfit® is Scott’s tactical fitness program that enables you to be better prepared for both the conventional and unconventional physical challenges you face at work and at play.


Visit the Cultivated Strength calendar page for upcoming Clubbell workshops, Kettlebell classes, Tacfit Master Classes or email us to arrange a group class or a one-on-one clubbell instruction session.



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